lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

E.M.A: 024 Hermanos de la mente furiosa "Marichiweu" EP 7"

Punk hardcore with some metal parts!! This record is our second vinyl 7", come in two colors black and blue (artwork) made in serigraphy. HdMF are from Argentina. The name of this ep is "marichiweu" (ten victories in mapudungún), and talk about class war, direct action, etc. if you like political punk rock, this is your oportunity to have this vinyl!!! Included free download, booklet, and translations in portuguese, english, spanish, german, french.

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Endless War "Dios a muerto". rehearsal, Manizales - Colombia, february 2011.

Black Panda kids from Manizales - Colombia. This rehearsal was during my trip in february. I met Obi (guitar hero - Endless war) and the small crust scene, they are very good people. I Love these guys. Manizales are in "eje cafetero", near Medellín. This city is beautifull (much darkness hahaha), if you go to Colombia you have to visit Manizales!

This song is originally from Acutor (classic colombian thrash metal).